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Nambucca Heads - Bellingen 3rd November 2015

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Published by in MNCVGA Results · 3 November 2015
Nambucca Heads - Bellingen 3rd November 2015

Golf Tuesday 3rd November  71 players with 2 grades being held for the day.
A Grade winner was Graham Miller with a round of 42 points runner up to him was John Nichols with 39 points.
B Grade winner with a round of 43 points was Raimo Neuvonen a round of 43 points and runner up was Billy Parker with 37 points.
Ball rundown for the day went to 34 with 22 balls given out.
Nearest the pins went to Jon Wyatt the pro hole winning a golf glove from Steve Barnes, the 13th Pizza this Pizza that hole went to Greg McCoy, and Ross Donnelly winner of the 18th.
Ross being the only player to be added to the ball rundown sheet.
Coming off the ball rundown sheet are as follows A Colbran, Warren Fuller, Warren Gunder, R Irvine, D Moore, B Turner, J Wainwright, C Brinkhurst, D Lamb, Greg McCoy,  !0 balls in all at present I have 30 ball on hand.
Steve Barnes has given me $142.00 from the day.
Renewing memberships as follows
6359 Robert Irvine, 2150300304
6361 Hans Jansen  2161102918
6360 Colin Brinkhurst  2150407231
6362 Peter Bruce..  2151503605
6363 Steve Ward 2161100785.
6364 Chris Tinson 2161100089
6365 A Wallis 2151202462.
6366 Brian Jones 2151201383.
6367 Warren Gunder 2150300300.
6368 Robert Reid  2161100675.
6369 keith Hutchinson 2151202265.
6370 Greg McCoy 2161100521.
Please check if Warren Gunder thought he may have paid already.
Will try to get to the bank today Please confirm that we have BCU bsb 704328 and a/c 34965.,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have a total of $322.00 to bank.Will post sheets to you Frank.
Sorry this less a voucher for $25.00 that I accepted from Allan Wallis voucher 0314 for his membership and gave him $10 in return so bank will be $ 297.00.
regards Kerry McCoy

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